Burnaman for GA HD 20       P O Box 1893     Woodstock, GA  30188
 I am only ONE of the candidates running for state House & Senate seats in Cherokee Co. 
To see the others, click this link www.cherokeedemocrats.com/candidates

Put a life-long GA Educator in the GA Legislature!

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Accepting PAC money, but with a dollar limit.

I was encouraged by some of my Republican and Democrat friends to change my stance in light of the U S Supreme Court ruling that basically says that corporations are people too.  In that light, I am changing my stance on this and WILL accept PAC money so long as it is not over $250.00This is probably the largest amount that an air-breathing person could or would contribute.  I believe you should be able to spend your money on anything you want as long as it's not illegal, immoral, or unethical regardless of whether your breathe air or not.

I have, however, signed the pledge not to accept gifts of over $100 from lobbyists, if I'm elected.  Truth is, I don't intend to accept ANY gifts, no matter how large or small.

If YOU want to contribute to my campaign, just fill out the form below and then click the Make A Donation button below, which will take you to PayPal and THANKS!

Contribution limits, per candidate, per race are as follows:

$2,400.00 for a primary and/or general election
$1,200.00 for a primary and/or general runoff election

Contributions are NOT deductible for Federal or State income tax purposes

Please provide the following information that is REQUIRED (indicated by an * ) and then press the Send Message button.  THEN, press the Donate button below that to actually make you donation  and THANKS!!!

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Famous quotations in history . . .

Politicians are like diapers; They need to be changed often and for the same reason. - Mark Twain

"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what You can do for your country!"  J F Kennedy

Our Founding Fathers wrote . . .

"I am... against all violations of the Constitution to silence by force and not by reason the complaints or criticisms, just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents."  - Thomas Jefferson, 1799.

"The greatest good we can do our country is to heal its party divisions and make them one people." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1801.


"A popular Government, without proper information or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy or perhaps both.  Knowledge will forever govern ignorance.  And a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the power with only knowledge gives."  - James Madison, 1822


"Men, by their constitutions, are naturally divided into two parties:


  1. Those who fear and distrust the people and with to draw all power from them into the hands of the higher classes.
  2. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depositary of the public interests. 

In every country these two parties exist, and in every one where they are free to think, speak, and write, they will declare themselves."   - Thomas Jefferson, 1824

It has been said that all Government is an evil. It would be more proper to say that the necessity of any Government is a misfortune. This necessity however exists; and the problem to be solved is, not what form of Government is perfect, but which of the forms is least imperfect."  -  James Madison, 1833